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DWP Day 6

I checked my bank account and still no money (although this would of been a long shot) and no letter either. Just a warning incase my council is reading this, you are next. Here are some facts and figures for … Continue reading

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How much money is it saving?

Despite my lovely phone call this morning, I still had this idea brewing in my head, ever since my rant yesterday. I feel its important to get this out there. In July 2017 I was assessed for PIP, which is … Continue reading

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I am getting really pissed off now.

Those that have followed me for a while, will know that I can put a positive spin on almost anything and I have done for the majority of shit we go through. Being evicted- a massive adventure as we won’t … Continue reading

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Lets Shake it up

I have been thinking, dangerous I know. This blog has been about my journey with mental health and with the benefit system, on January 14th this journey is going to come to the end. I am no longer going to … Continue reading

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You are on top of the list

Its a Friday and we all know what a Friday means, it means ringing the DWP and see if I have a date for my PIP (disability benefit) tribunal, however I woke up in a really pissed off mood, so … Continue reading

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Another Friday another discussion with the DWP

As I usually do, I rang the DWP (department of work and pensions) to see if anything is happening with my PIP. I got a lovely lady, who I am fairly sure I have spoken to before, who informed me … Continue reading

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Its not paranoia if its true

I love a good conspiracy theory, I also love different people’s opinions no matter how bonkers I might think it is. Flat Earthers is one, I enjoy looking at. Finland not being real. Also if you are in Australia, you … Continue reading

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This is beyond a fucking joke

On Friday, I phoned through to the courts to find out what is going on with my PIP (disability) Tribunal. The lovely lady informed me that that there is a 38 week wait, minus the 14 weeks I have already … Continue reading

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Some good news, well I think

The government have decided to review all the PIP (disability benefits) claims. This is good news, because they decided that those with any health problems, didn’t need as much money, they didn’t take into account a lot of things for … Continue reading

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A follow on

Before Christmas, I had had my housing benefit suspended and it was on going with my PIP (disability) I thought I had finally sorted my housing benefit and did get a payment in the new year, but it was a … Continue reading

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