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And so we start again

I have started relisting all my stuff again on a few different sites, I have to say its going better than it did last time, I believe I have gotten rid of a few things already which is great. Its … Continue reading

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Bloody Ebay

I have been trying to sell all my stuff, this has been stressful and annoying. This weekend I had a lady come and pick up some clothes, 25 items for a fiver. She messaged me to inform me that the … Continue reading

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Why do people bother?

For those unaware, I am selling lots of baby things, I have had a lot of interest in many things apart from the clothes, which are fine as we can try and do a car boot and most will go … Continue reading

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Good afternoon all

I am so behind and have been so stressed, that I haven’t had time to post, I can imagine this is going to continue till I move. I am still reading and still going, hopefully by Friday I should be … Continue reading

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Bloody people

Why does no one want any of my old shit. I have cleaned it and it all looks pretty. I don’t really want to sell it on facebook as it will mean for at least some of it, that I … Continue reading

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Bargains Really?

With children comes expense, you literally seem to be handing money hand over fist. Especially when it comes to Christmas. I have done Christmas the same way the last few years, my son does a list, I pick up to … Continue reading

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