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Predictions from the Internet

It looks like over the weekend, Joe Biden won the election race to become president of the US. As I heard the news, I went down various rabbit holes to see what could happen. First off, I think it was … Continue reading

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*Press This* Haiku Election Prayer #158

Hopefully Rebecca will now know

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One way to get out of a presidentional debate

Early on Friday morning, the news broke that Trump had contracted Covid, the first thing I actually saw was fake news trending all over twitter, it is a mark of the man that as soon as news is realised most … Continue reading

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I suppose I should mention….

The General Election, which as you can imagine, I wasn’t too pleased with the result, for those who are unsure the Tory government (the right winged) got in with a massive majority. Those up north who are working class decided … Continue reading

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You know you have pushed it too far

I am very into my politics, my partner not so much, but its important to me, so he tolerates watching the many interviews, listening to me go on about it and generally knows that for the next few weeks, this … Continue reading

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A victory for the left?

I wrote about Jeremy Corbyn here and even then I was still unsure whether he would win, but he has done it and with 60% of the vote, While I would never consider myself a lefty, many of my friends are … Continue reading

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My take on the budget

I think if you read through a lot of my posts, you may well figure out that I am not a fan of the government. Of any government to be honest. But I also think they are necessary and being … Continue reading

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musings from the elections

Its all finished, The Tory’s are in all by themselves. I am not sure how I feel about it, I will be honest and say I have always been blue, I have always voted for them, but this time it … Continue reading

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