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I am worried

The UK is going through various elections at a local level at the moment, whether its for the council or police and crime commisoner. I had to google what one of those is, its someone who holds the police to … Continue reading

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*Press it* Where in Latin America is Voting Mandatory? #111

I personally think voting should be mandatory and having just gone through a general election where the turnout was less than 70% its not good enough. Politics effects every part of life and I think everyone should have a say … Continue reading

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You might not hear much from me today

Local elections were held all over the UK and Northern Ireland. I am so excited about it, maybe, just maybe there might be a shake up on a local level enough to pass shock waves through to a national level. … Continue reading

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So this could be me?

Due to our amazing government and their ability to make fuck all decisions, we are staying in the EU for the foresable future. Which means, we get to vote in the EU elections. We get to put people up who … Continue reading

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Bad timings

After nearly three weeks off my son went back to school last week, fantastic a time to catch up. This week, we had a bank holiday in the UK on Monday, we were meant to have a day of fun, … Continue reading

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