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Another month being wished away

I am not enjoying this cost of living rising. We have hit the middle of the month and we have no money, nothing. We have food, a roof over our head, the internet. So for that we are fine. But … Continue reading

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I am not touching anything again

I explained what happened to my electrics on Monday, that got fixed, on Tuesday, I noticed my sinks were not draining and slightly more worrying when I had the washing machine on, water was coming up in both the kitchen … Continue reading

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Well thats annoying

On Sunday my partner, went off to go find electricity, our story for electricity is becoming a weekly saga, to be honest, whether we run out because we are not organised enough, have power cuts or in this case. When … Continue reading

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On Monday, I started my not turning on the internet till all the cleaning was done, which was fine, till I went to turn on a light, turns out the emergency credit we put on over the weekend had ran … Continue reading

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I did it, now just to continue it

I have been desperatly trying to get myself out more and more by myself, so I am not using Monkey as a crutch, one of the jobs, I have been trying to do is getting gas and electric, which we … Continue reading

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Its not going well

We knew we were running low on electric, for those who don’t know, we are on a prepay meter, which means once a week, we have to go to a shop to pay for electric on a key and then … Continue reading

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Its the last day

It has just turned Thursday here, this is our last day of having no money. Now when I saw money, I do mean actual cash to spend on something, we are fine for food, gas and electric. However this has … Continue reading

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Smart meters

We got a smart meter its basically a little box, which tells us how much we are spending on gas and electric each day. I have never known a more depressing thing than this box. I literally spend the day … Continue reading

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Have you noticed?

How it does seem that businesses seem to punish the poorest in the community. I had a direct debit fail, I was 16p out and no overdraft, but thanks to that the bank has very thoughtfully charged me £10 to … Continue reading

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