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They need to stop with the noise

The Tory Party Leadership contest is still going on, loads of promises on everything they are going to give us. My problem is, this is not going to be solved till September, know what all families will have finished by … Continue reading

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You have to be kidding me

I have mentioned loads of times about the problem I have with my electricity, for those new, or have forgotten, I shall give a brief recap. I am on what we call a pay as you go meter. Basically I … Continue reading

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Another month being wished away

I am not enjoying this cost of living rising. We have hit the middle of the month and we have no money, nothing. We have food, a roof over our head, the internet. So for that we are fine. But … Continue reading

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I am not touching anything again

I explained what happened to my electrics on Monday, that got fixed, on Tuesday, I noticed my sinks were not draining and slightly more worrying when I had the washing machine on, water was coming up in both the kitchen … Continue reading

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Well thats annoying

On Sunday my partner, went off to go find electricity, our story for electricity is becoming a weekly saga, to be honest, whether we run out because we are not organised enough, have power cuts or in this case. When … Continue reading

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On Monday, I started my not turning on the internet till all the cleaning was done, which was fine, till I went to turn on a light, turns out the emergency credit we put on over the weekend had ran … Continue reading

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I did it, now just to continue it

I have been desperatly trying to get myself out more and more by myself, so I am not using Monkey as a crutch, one of the jobs, I have been trying to do is getting gas and electric, which we … Continue reading

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Its not going well

We knew we were running low on electric, for those who don’t know, we are on a prepay meter, which means once a week, we have to go to a shop to pay for electric on a key and then … Continue reading

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Its the last day

It has just turned Thursday here, this is our last day of having no money. Now when I saw money, I do mean actual cash to spend on something, we are fine for food, gas and electric. However this has … Continue reading

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Smart meters

We got a smart meter its basically a little box, which tells us how much we are spending on gas and electric each day. I have never known a more depressing thing than this box. I literally spend the day … Continue reading

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