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Todays Plan

Is try to do the lego, I have fallen behind, with it all, I seem to lose my afternoons all the time and I am not sure why. I wish I could figure out where it goes, I should have … Continue reading

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Dear Friend

This is how a lot of emails have been recently addressed to me and it always makes me think, scam. I am usually right, you must know the ones. My name is scammy mcscammy and my husband died and I … Continue reading

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Something you might want to check

If you rely on emails for your latest posts from other bloggers rather than the reader, something happened to mine, where I suddenly didn’t recieve any. This might be down to something I did, but I am fairly sure not, … Continue reading

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A better day

It has been a better day today, I got up with Monkey, did all my jobs. I managed to fall asleep between 1am and 3am, I am not sure exactly when as I fell asleep still doing emails. Woke up … Continue reading

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A calm weekend

It was mother’s day here in the UK on Sunday. I don’t celebrate it, However Monkey and my partner do 😉 Saturday, Monkey and my partner spent some one on one time together, while I chilled out, just doing emails … Continue reading

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Weird Weekend

I am not sure what happened this weekend, I was so sleepy, not tired just really sleepy. It started on Friday and carried on till Sunday. I couldn’t keep my eyes open, I suppose it could have been a bug, … Continue reading

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I feel they maybe taking the piss

I got very behind doing my surveys, as in yesterday I had over 3000 survey emails to do. I have managed to get it down to 2500, guess how many I qualified for 3. Talk about a piss take

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I feel it is taking the piss slightly

I do surveys. I enjoy doing them, I normally get about 300 emails a day, which sounds a lot but I do tend to get rejected for a lot for not being a man, not being a cattle farmer (this … Continue reading

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*Reblog* It’s that time of year again

Originally posted on The Bag Lady:
FOR SCAMS! Phishing, or whatever you want to call it, may look official, but beware! If you are like me you don’t have income flying out of your ears for stuff like this. If…

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I don’t like it

I use hotmail/outlook for my emails and they have changed it recently, its really annoying to try and get anything done. I don’t like change

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