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Weird Weekend

I am not sure what happened this weekend, I was so sleepy, not tired just really sleepy. It started on Friday and carried on till Sunday. I couldn’t keep my eyes open, I suppose it could have been a bug, … Continue reading

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I feel they maybe taking the piss

I got very behind doing my surveys, as in yesterday I had over 3000 survey emails to do. I have managed to get it down to 2500, guess how many I qualified for 3. Talk about a piss take

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I feel it is taking the piss slightly

I do surveys. I enjoy doing them, I normally get about 300 emails a day, which sounds a lot but I do tend to get rejected for a lot for not being a man, not being a cattle farmer (this … Continue reading

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*Reblog* It’s that time of year again

Originally posted on The Bag Lady:
FOR SCAMS! Phishing, or whatever you want to call it, may look official, but beware! If you are like me you don’t have income flying out of your ears for stuff like this. If…

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I don’t like it

I use hotmail/outlook for my emails and they have changed it recently, its really annoying to try and get anything done. I don’t like change

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Today is going to be the day

That I am going to get caught up, as I write this, its just coming up to 6am, I probably have about 2 hours before Monkey wakes up, so I want to make as much good use of this time … Continue reading

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I am having to cancel this weekend share. The internet thing we have, is good but not great, also it is only on my little laptop, and normally I use my partners computer, to set everything up. Never fear though, … Continue reading

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Bloody Surveys

I do surveys, I do a lot of them, it brings in a little bit of pocket money for us. However, I am getting over 150 emails most of them from one company and not being qualified for any of … Continue reading

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Reunited and It Feels So Good

Chris as nominated Annette’s post about losing all her emails. I couldn’t press her post so hopefully she will get this tag, if you ever have had this, check this post out so you know what to do. Please go … Continue reading

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A decision

And it was a very difficult decision, for those that don’t know I get a lot of your posts through my email, but due to recent depressive states and just having the summer holidays I have gotten behind in my … Continue reading

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