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And the reason why I don’t want to stay on benefits

Today I was expecting my ESA, I waited up till 3am and it still wasn’t in my bank account. I was up at 7am for a bailiff at my door, for the previous tennants (they moved out 5 years ago) … Continue reading

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Fucking, bastard council

I will try and go into more detail about what is going on, but I am fairly certain my council is trying to send me completely nuts. I think they have been underpaying my housing benefit since January. I need … Continue reading

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Originally posted on stewilko's Blog:
From Sue Jones (Facebook): “You know how people claiming ESA who were placed in the support group? were deemed incapable of work, and unlikely to be able to work again? Well now a tory…

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fucking bastard ESA

We haven’t had a rant on benefits for ages now, but its nice to know they can still fuck me over when they fancy. You see today ESA (employment and support allowance) was due to be paid into my account. … Continue reading

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