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crash bang wallop

I am not sure what the hell is going on with one of my neighbours but they started banging their doors. Normally, we all keep to ourselves with minimum noise, the flats are quite well built, so you can’t hear … Continue reading

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I have finally found a problem with my flat

Six months in and I have finally found what is wrong with it, well I say wrong, its a thing that can be sorted very easily. It is too fucking hot. Its nearly 1am and I feel like I am … Continue reading

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Getting myself in a tizz

I got a letter today from my landlord, they want to do a 6 monthly check, I was well aware that this was going to happen, however it hasn’t stopped my anxiety kicking in badly. There is no reason why, … Continue reading

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I am going through a really weird slump, I just cannot think of anything to write about. I know this is going to change on Friday, after the visit from my mental health team. Also I will probably have a … Continue reading

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I think that went well

Housing officer came round, I think it went well, it was a quick visit, she had a look round had a quick chat about finances and off she went, not due back for another 5 months, hopefully as long as … Continue reading

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