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Along with the moves, I have also had to keep an eye on what is happening with my PIP (disability allowance.) The simple answer is sweet fuck all   I was promised it would be less than 6 weeks, that … Continue reading

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So much to tell, but its half term

I have lots to say and post and generally bitch about, however my plans have been thwarted by the fact its monkey’s half term. Also by the fact my partner has Monday off, so I cant use his super computer. However … Continue reading

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This is it

Today is the day of my PIP (disability) tribunal, its at 11.40am GMT time, some of you may just be getting up, others of you may just be going to sleep. I am really shitting myself on it, everything is … Continue reading

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Not sure which one of you did it?

But someone who gave me happy thoughts, prayed, just sent well wishes, it worked, this morning I got a letter from the council accepting me on the housing list and saying I could bid from now. Or maybe they are … Continue reading

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Fucking, bastard council

I will try and go into more detail about what is going on, but I am fairly certain my council is trying to send me completely nuts. I think they have been underpaying my housing benefit since January. I need … Continue reading

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This is beyond a fucking joke

On Friday, I phoned through to the courts to find out what is going on with my PIP (disability) Tribunal. The lovely lady informed me that that there is a 38 week wait, minus the 14 weeks I have already … Continue reading

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Some good news, well I think

The government have decided to review all the PIP (disability benefits) claims. This is good news, because they decided that those with any health problems, didn’t need as much money, they didn’t take into account a lot of things for … Continue reading

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