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I think that went well

Housing officer came round, I think it went well, it was a quick visit, she had a look round had a quick chat about finances and off she went, not due back for another 5 months, hopefully as long as … Continue reading

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I have been thinking

Of course this is always dangerous, but now we are settled and looking like we are going to live here for at least a year, I am thinking what to do with myself. I have a meeting with my housing … Continue reading

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ye talk shite hen

Between myself and my family, everytime the council have stuck up a barrier we have overcome it. Today that last barrier has been overcome, I ring them up because there was a house I had seen, that allows pets, is … Continue reading

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Its oh so quiet

It’s oh so quiet Shh shh It’s oh so still Shh shh You’re all alone Shh shh And so peaceful until   Monkey comes home. My Dad has taken monkey for a few days to let me catch up with … Continue reading

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Well this is some good news

Had an email from the housing lady, they have found emergency accomadation for us.   Its self contained which means, no sharing, it is flats, doesn’t have either balconies, an indoor swimming pool or a helicopter pad. But we can’t … Continue reading

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Another day, another fuck up

I was due a benefit payment today and guess what, it didn’t appear, so we ring up to find out what is going on, to be told that apparently when a payment is due, it can go in at any … Continue reading

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Support Group Help

I had this meeting today, which tbf wasn’t very useful, it was nice to talk to someone about everything, but I didn’t want to tell her I did that on a regular occassion through the internet.   Hopefully she is … Continue reading

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What’s this? Optimistic news?

First of all let me start with this morning, I took Max out for his walk, as soon as we set foot inside the park, I saw a little white dog. This would not be a problem with some dogs, … Continue reading

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Not the best timing really

I was sitting here thinking about moving, to be fair that is the main thing on my mind and at night, my mind always takes me to the worse case scenario, what hadn’t occurred to me was the timing, notice to … Continue reading

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Moving house? Where to look

As it seems I am moving, I am looking, not very seriously at the moment, I must admit, because as it stands we don’t have a deposit or the first months rent or actually the leave to quit. The thing … Continue reading

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