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Its time for the spring clean

After Christmas, I normally start going though the flat a room at a time, one room a week and give it a massive clean, get rid of all the shit, that despite me cleaning every week seems to have accumulated. … Continue reading

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*Press it* The Boiling Frog #95

A very interesting post about the stupidity of the human race via The Boiling Frog

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We need to remember

On the way back from the school run today, I was people watching. At the moment we have lots of poppies up and getting ready for Remembrance Sunday, on my way to and from school, I do tend to see … Continue reading

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The struggles

Having talking frankly about my troubles to have another baby, I do the human race an interesting one. You can never please anyone. For example you get married Human race (HR): So when are we going to get the baby … Continue reading

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