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The thing I hate about being ill and a parent

I may have mentioned that I was ill recently  Its a cold, not the flu, but a really bad cold. Now as an adult, I can take medicine, whine to anyone that will listen, post about it on every single … Continue reading

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It may be a bit quiet round here

My loving, ever suffering partner, has given me a cold, its a bad one and I am struggling, with just about everything. I love my partner, but the only thing keeping me going at the moment is plotting my revenge. … Continue reading

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OK its official I have a cold

And no I wont stop complaining. The damn thing couldn’t of hit properly three days ago, when my partner was on a day off? No the damn thing hits the minute he goes back to work and I have shit … Continue reading

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How do I do it?

Its the British Summer time, ok its not boiling but its warm and I have managed to pick up a cold. Its a pretty bad cold as well. I would like to tell my cold to go jump and leave … Continue reading

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Dr Google

In an attempt to try and find out what is going on with me, I thought I would do some research on the tablets I am on. The thing is, I am not a trained professional in anyway when it … Continue reading

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If you are still interested

I am still ill, and then I went and gave it to my son. Hopefully its not as bad as my one, but we will see. If anyone wants to come look after me, because my mum refuses to and … Continue reading

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Plague House

Monkey lost his voice a couple of days ago, we tried to keep anything else at bay but it wasn’t to be, that was Tuesday. Wednesday, I woke up at 10am, was in a bit of a tizz, because my … Continue reading

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