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Good afternoon all

I am so behind and have been so stressed, that I haven’t had time to post, I can imagine this is going to continue till I move. I am still reading and still going, hopefully by Friday I should be … Continue reading

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*Press it* How To Secretly Signal To Your Bartender/Barista That You Feel Unsafe On A Date, Just In Case By Rachel Shatto… #37

I personally think this is important especially in this day and age of the internet via How To Secretly Signal To Your Bartender/Barista That You Feel Unsafe On A Date, Just In Case By Rachel Shatto…

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Friends and friendships

One of the things I love about the internet is the people I meet, for example C lives about 250 miles away from, yet we talk most days, sometimes its just inane chatter, other times, its that sort of chat, … Continue reading

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A children’s playground

Actually what I am going to talk about it worse than a children’s playground, because I am apparently dealing with adults. I belong to various forums, while I suffer from general anxiety disorder, I am weirdly still a sociable person. … Continue reading

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*Reblog* How to scramble a scammer

Originally posted on suziland too or obsolete childhood:
This is a sort of public service announcement…or it could just be Suze letting a genie out of its bottle.either way, let my experience be a lesson in what to should you…

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Well that was just rude

My internet went down last night around 7pm and didn’t come back on till gone 9am this morning. This meant not only did I have to play with my son, I also had to converse with my partner. How very … Continue reading

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*Press it* 5 Internet Safety Tips for Your Children #17

In this day and age you can never be too careful with your child online, especially when they seem to start so young. Thank you to Chris for linking this via 5 Internet Safety Tips for Your Children

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