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I think we definitely can rule out this career

Yep, never in this life time am I ever going to be a teacher. I can barely do it with one child, let alone with 30.   What the hell is a story board, no matter how many times Monkey … Continue reading

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Time to grow up?

I have spent 37 years on this planet. Lets ignore the first 18, when I was a child, leaving me with 19 years making my own decisions and making mistakes and success. All 19 of those I have had mental … Continue reading

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Have hit the wall

I am so tired of fighting to be strong and not go downhill. I woke up this morning just to a pit of depression. It is such a struggle to keep fighting my own brain, I am trying to stay … Continue reading

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Volunteering maybe??

I mentioned to my mental health nurse and new guy (I need to find him a better name) about the fact that I really wanted a job by the end of next year, this is not only important to help … Continue reading

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I have been thinking, so I am still up and down like a yoyo, but generally I think I am ok and I need to continue thinking about the future. I have been thinking about jobs again. I am 30 … Continue reading

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I have been thinking

Of course this is always dangerous, but now we are settled and looking like we are going to live here for at least a year, I am thinking what to do with myself. I have a meeting with my housing … Continue reading

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Job Links Part 2

These guys all blog about their jobs, what they do, how they cope. Please pop on over and say hello https://marketingwithmarlinblog.wordpress.com/ https://alexischateaupr.com/ https://mirissaprice.wordpress.com/ https://laughingdakinitarot.com/ https://theatreandart.wordpress.com/     You can find all the other links here and here As always these links are put … Continue reading

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