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I really hate getting old

At least I assume that is what this is. For those who are catching up, I hurt my knee over a week ago, since then I have rested it, hot and cold compression, pain killers, you name it I have … Continue reading

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Thank the Gods

I woke up this morning and was able to move my knee (see here) It still hurts, but I can put weight on it, sit down without it hurting so much I want to hit something, I am not going … Continue reading

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One more post?

Cyranny said I could get at least one post out of the fact my knee hurts. Did I mention it? I am a right fucking pain when something hurts, I can deal with my mental health, while I can’t predict … Continue reading

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Things I have discovered

That you use your knee for. Bending Climbing walking lying down Sitting Stretching Yes I am still moaning about it, but lets look on the positive to this, I have something to write about 😉

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Give me some sympathy

I am not sure what I have done, but I have damaged my knee somehow. On Sunday I couldn’t walk on it and today its just as bad. The story I am going to go with is that I rescued … Continue reading

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