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What happened at the vote

I thought I would update after my post the other day about the government voting on keeping the extra £20 a week for benefit claiments. I also failed to mention in this, that these benefits are not just for the … Continue reading

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Utter Bullshit

I have had to turn off any social media relating to news at the moment, because I get so angry everytime I see any politician and it gets worse if they open their mouths. They are just unable to speak … Continue reading

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I suppose I should mention….

The General Election, which as you can imagine, I wasn’t too pleased with the result, for those who are unsure the Tory government (the right winged) got in with a massive majority. Those up north who are working class decided … Continue reading

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You know you have pushed it too far

I am very into my politics, my partner not so much, but its important to me, so he tolerates watching the many interviews, listening to me go on about it and generally knows that for the next few weeks, this … Continue reading

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How to choose between the parties

With a general election coming up, many people are confused about which one of the millionaires they would like to tell us how to run our lives, because they know exactly what it is like to be a normal person … Continue reading

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Lets talk politics.

Yeah I know, I know. But to be honest I am going to have to laugh otherwise I will cry at the shitstorm that is going on in the UK politics. Its all over Brexit, Brexit is something which we … Continue reading

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Well this is interesting

Well if you are in the UK it could be of interest. In the Houses of Parliament, we elect 650 MPs, out of the parties, one has a majority to be able to then lead the country. What happened at … Continue reading

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So we had our local elections.

I am going to give a quick idea of what these are about. The UK is made up of 4 countries England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. When I talk about the Government, I am talking about the party which … Continue reading

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Its not something I want to talk about but…….

This government are screwing up this country quicker than I thought possible and I am not talking just about Brexit. I have been watching the news over the last few days with my mouth wide open. Jeeze, this is turning … Continue reading

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One up for the people

Have you heard about universal credit? If you are in the UK and haven’t heard of it, bad you. You have to know the UK benefit system, simple terms, to claim 6 different benefits, you have to go through six … Continue reading

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