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Its driving me crazy

I just dont understand my internet, it was working fine throughout the day, when it hits the evening it struggles, doesn’t connect, I spent half an hour swearing at it this evening. As I am typing this, its telling me … Continue reading

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But it can’t be my laptop

I have technology problems, I buy things and then I break them, then I try and fix them and break them a bit more. Which then makes me sad, which makes my partner very sad, because he has to put … Continue reading

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Its catch up time

Or at least it felt like it, my family had its Christmas party at the weekend, we havent been together for a long while, so it was good to see everyone, Monkey was spoilt by everyone, although it was exhausting … Continue reading

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Thank You and Sorry #212

I am back, I have finally gotten a charger for my laptop, it arrived on Sunday evening, but we were out for most of the day, but they left it with a neighbour. It did however mean I have missed … Continue reading

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Damn it

There is something wrong with my laptop charger, it is not working, which is what gave me my first clue, the problem is, I am not sure if its because of the charger or the port. I think my partner … Continue reading

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Tough Weekend

My confidence last week came to bite me back on the arse, my anxiety has been sky high this weekend. I found it difficult to go out with Monkey on the Saturday, we managed it, but I was panicky the … Continue reading

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Laptop update

Still haven’t heard anything about the data and it only occurred to me, that they might not be able to get through, because my phone broke. I think they have my home phone number, so I may have to give … Continue reading

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I am fairly sure its doing it on purpose now

I had to go back to the laptop shop today, involves going on a train and wearing a mask. The last time we did I swore I would never go if it was as hot as it was the first … Continue reading

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RIP Laptop

I got the phonecall today, that they wanted to order another part, or the same part, either way it was going to cost over 200 quid plus VAT. So once you put the work in it was closer to three … Continue reading

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Come on, come on, come on

I am the first to admit I am not the most patient person in the world. Since the laptop man phoned me about this part needed for my laptop (on Wednesday) I have been looking at my phone waiting for … Continue reading

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