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Masterchef Heaven

At the moment, they are showing in the UK Masterchef Australia season 1, 2 and 5 and Mastercher USA Season 2.   The only that could make this worse for my partner is Strictly come dancing. (Dance with the stars … Continue reading

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*squeals in excitement*

I forgot to say they are now showing masterchef USA. Its on the 3rd episode and in my mind its already beating the UK version, it will be interesting to see if I like it better than the Australian version

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I never noticed before

I watch a few reality competition shows, like strictly, the apprentice, masterchef Australia. And they are all finishing, well strictly finished yesterday and although I loved the winner, I personally thought someone else deserved the win (just incase someone reading … Continue reading

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Lets talk Masterchef Australia

This post is two fold. Firstly, I may have mentioned I am a massive fan of masterchef Australia. But a couple of days ago, there was a team challenege, where the cooks were seperated into teams of five. Given an … Continue reading

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How exciting

I have mentioned my love for Strictly come dancing and I am sure I am going to be writing a bit more about it once the series gets going. But very excitingly Masterchef Australia has come to the UK screens … Continue reading

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my guilty pleasure

When I started this blog, I suppose I wanted it to be a political blog, focusing on the problems the people who suffer from mental health suffer from. But as I have gone on, it has turned into a more … Continue reading

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