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A serious one

I have touched on this before, but it is effecting us now more than ever and I know a lot of people are effected by it, but its one of those things you just don’t talk about. Its money, when … Continue reading

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I was thinking?

I was chatting to another blogger (who shall remain nameless unless they want to be revealed) Who suggested that maybe I want to open my blog to having partners. Basically, someone pays me to advertise their blog and reblog their … Continue reading

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Sleep, depression, anxiety and general bullshit

I have had a few posts recently which explains that I am having a tough time with my council. Let me try and explain. In December they suspended my Housing Benefit, this is something that helps pay for my rent. … Continue reading

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The phonecall

As I get monkey home from school and we are in the massive rush to get ready to go back out. I hear a voice on the answerphone and hear the word doctor.   Normal people would think bollocks, my … Continue reading

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I don’t mean to moan but

We need a new mattress, I think I have had that mattress for 15 years, every morning its agony in waking up and this has only been for the last 6 months or so, but this morning I woke up … Continue reading

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*press it* Ways to Support Your Favourite Bloggers Without Spending a Cent. Please Share! #bloggers #16

Having spent the last week or so wondering whether to try and put ads on my blog, this is a really good post on things you can do to support bloggers you like without spending a penny. via Ways to … Continue reading

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