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Nearly there….

I love monkey, I really do but he has been driving me crazy over the last few days. I get that he doesn’t understand the stressful nature of our situation, but he is so loud, I have tried getting him … Continue reading

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Not a good day

I have not had a good day anxiety wise, I keep waiting for the cats to come in and looking for them, its weird because when they are here, I don’t tend to look for them, bit really feels like … Continue reading

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I am nearly there

Nearly all packed up the lounge, the house is starting to look emptier and emptier. Got 2 more rooms to go and then I am done, one of though is the kitchen, so not sure I can really pack up … Continue reading

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This was nice

Monkey and me did lots of things together today, the weather started out dry so we wondered to the park, by 11.30 it got too hot, I am not one of those overly protective parents, but also I have put … Continue reading

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Let tomorrow come

Tomorrow is the only real day this week, nothing is going on, what with the packing, meetings and general stuff, poor Monkey has not really had much of a holiday. I really wanted to pack up the lounge, but have … Continue reading

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Its starting to happen now

I have spent the morning, trying to sort the animals out and it has hit me how tough this is going to be. The cats are going to be going on “holiday” in just over a week, till hopefully October. … Continue reading

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Questions so many questions

One of the things having monkey around is the questions that is always being asked. Mummy when did you first start drinking coffee Mummy what was my first word What was my second Mummy who was the first person on … Continue reading

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