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It has been tough

Where do I even start? Well we are unpacked and have curtains up, so that is a good thing. Its been a tough 2 weeks to be honest, I have been up and down like a yoyo emotionally wise. Our … Continue reading

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That one moment in time

Did you ever have that one moment, when you could had a choice of two doors, or when you had the choice of staying still or moving. You look back in life, and think damn if I had just done … Continue reading

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The mental health update

I have talked about the move and how it all went and touched upon my mental health once or twice. I was once told by a friend, that one of things she admired about me was my ability to remain … Continue reading

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And it was Saturday

Saturday 1st September for me is a blur, it involved moving a shit ton of boxes, and watching the clock tick down. I knew there was a possibility that I might not get it all done. If my partner had … Continue reading

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I left off, on the morning of the move

As soon as my partner got back from dropping monkey off, we started packing up this giant van, we only had the one day with this van. We were due to pick up the keys at 11am, we filled the … Continue reading

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A Massive Catch Up

I have been without internet for nearly 3 days,which means I have not been able to do any emails. Monkey goes back to school tomorrow, so hopefully I will be able to catch up then. I am going to try … Continue reading

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Its oh so quiet

It’s oh so quiet Shh shh It’s oh so still Shh shh You’re all alone Shh shh And so peaceful until   Monkey comes home. My Dad has taken monkey for a few days to let me catch up with … Continue reading

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