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A Massive Catch Up

I have been without internet for nearly 3 days,which means I have not been able to do any emails. Monkey goes back to school tomorrow, so hopefully I will be able to catch up then. I am going to try … Continue reading

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Yep I broke

It finally happened the stress of it all finally broke me, you know what it is was. The fact I might not get to see the end of the Biggest Loser Australia Season 10   Sod losing my home, the … Continue reading

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Its starting to happen now

I have spent the morning, trying to sort the animals out and it has hit me how tough this is going to be. The cats are going to be going on “holiday” in just over a week, till hopefully October. … Continue reading

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Its a joke it really is

It might have escaped your notice, but I am moving, in this, I am doing so many things and hitting so many brick walls. In the UK renting is something that has only really recently happened, I know its a … Continue reading

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Its a nop day

Today, I literally decided not to deal with life and the stresses that come with them. I needed a time out, to try and make sense of everything going on. I dropped monkey off at school, did a few bits … Continue reading

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That went well…. I think

Had both family support and social services round yesterday. I think it went well, I got told this was the last time I am seeing social services, so that is a good thing.   They are going to refer me … Continue reading

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When you move house.

I know that when moving, its tough to remember everything, but I promise you, do not forget to change your address. I know a bit of a weird one, however I have lived in my current house for 4 years … Continue reading

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