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I wasn’t joking…….

when I said loads to sell Advertisements

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A meeting with the council

Last week I had a meeting with the council, I had to go to the council office. The support worker picked me up and took me there, it was lovely and quiet when we go there, but my anxiety was … Continue reading

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Ah gosh damnit

I just wanted to say a little thank you for all the kind words in my last post. I know recently a lot of my posts have been very whingy but to be honest that is my life at the … Continue reading

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Something to numb me

I knew today was going to be tough, I started off with selling the baby clothes I was finding, considering I had a boy, I had a ton of pink stuff, so I started with those first.   Its going … Continue reading

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I think I am more nervous than I thought

My head hasn’t really be into blogging, I have been reading but not really writing. I think my mind is taken up with everything hitting me all at once. The group support, the council getting their arse in gear, PIP … Continue reading

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A visitor

The social worker popped round today, to get my signature, they have referred me to the Early Help Team. Once again, not a clue what these people do, but apparently they can help out with housing. This along with the … Continue reading

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Not the best timing really

I was sitting here thinking about moving, to be fair that is the main thing on my mind and at night, my mind always takes me to the worse case scenario, what hadn’t occurred to me was the timing, notice to … Continue reading

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