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So much to tell, but its half term

I have lots to say and post and generally bitch about, however my plans have been thwarted by the fact its monkey’s half term. Also by the fact my partner has Monday off, so I cant use his super computer. However … Continue reading

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Its been tough

I have been dipping in and out of my blog recently. I am still not coping well with the change, and to be honest, I can’t see much point of doing anything about it at the moment, with a move … Continue reading

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That one moment in time

Did you ever have that one moment, when you could had a choice of two doors, or when you had the choice of staying still or moving. You look back in life, and think damn if I had just done … Continue reading

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Productive day

I got up early considering there was no monkey. I cleaned the house and as I went round, started packing up each room properly. Now there are only boxes in monkeys room, plus a set of clothes for Thursday and … Continue reading

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Sometimes angels do walk into your life

I mentioned I had told my health care worker my concerns about what was going to happen especially to my dog and she said she would write me a letter, you can read the post here  It was a very depressive … Continue reading

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Let the week from hell start

Along with everything else going on, this week I am up to my neck in meetings, or it certainly feels that way, plus I need to start getting prepared for my tribunal on Monday, trying to do that with a … Continue reading

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Another day another meeting

It feels like at the moment my life is dominated by meetings, meetings with the housing, meetings with the mental health team, meetings with the family support. This one combined them all and for some reason I don’t think they … Continue reading

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Another day, another fuck up

I was due a benefit payment today and guess what, it didn’t appear, so we ring up to find out what is going on, to be told that apparently when a payment is due, it can go in at any … Continue reading

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Let tomorrow come

Tomorrow is the only real day this week, nothing is going on, what with the packing, meetings and general stuff, poor Monkey has not really had much of a holiday. I really wanted to pack up the lounge, but have … Continue reading

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Its starting to happen now

I have spent the morning, trying to sort the animals out and it has hit me how tough this is going to be. The cats are going to be going on “holiday” in just over a week, till hopefully October. … Continue reading

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