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I am convinced he is trolling us now

The latest news in my government is that the current PM (for another 3 days) has gone onto the national news to tell all of us, that one way to save money is to buy a £20 kettle to save … Continue reading

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Well I was joking

In my earlier post I shared some good fortune I had today and said lets hope good things come in 3s and I hear about PIP.   Well I have done, sort of, my MP has written to the courts … Continue reading

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What’s this? Optimistic news?

First of all let me start with this morning, I took Max out for his walk, as soon as we set foot inside the park, I saw a little white dog. This would not be a problem with some dogs, … Continue reading

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I could get use to this

After writing to my MP and getting a reply that was a couple of days late. I replied to him thanking for his input, but that my appeal had been denied and I was being forced to go to a … Continue reading

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That was a surprise

After my little rant about how my MP is impossible to contact, he emailed me.   You could of pushed me over with a feather. Fucking hell, he actually sounded like he gave a shit. So I apologise for all … Continue reading

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It makes me so angry

I watched question time last night. In case you were not aware, its basically politicians, journalists and on occasion celebraties answering questions asked by the public. I only watched the last fifteen minutes, which was fortunate because in those fifteen … Continue reading

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I am not sure about this

I refuse to watch the news, but I do know that there is a massive refugee crisis going on in the world and this morning in the UK news, there is an horriffic photo of a dead child washed up … Continue reading

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