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I think I am going to have to face it

That I might not able to blog as much as I do, I must admit I do schedule a lot of my posts, it is easier for me, when monkey is at home. But, I am so behind at the … Continue reading

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And the reason why I don’t want to stay on benefits

Today I was expecting my ESA, I waited up till 3am and it still wasn’t in my bank account. I was up at 7am for a bailiff at my door, for the previous tennants (they moved out 5 years ago) … Continue reading

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A new routine

With everything that my brain tells me I need to do, the cleaning, the catching up on emails. Then I have surveys, which don’t bring in a lot of money, but they do bring in a bit plus my sewing. … Continue reading

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But its not yours

I am starting to get into moving mode, I have looking round the house decided what if anything I should sell. I am guessing, I am going to be doing most the packing myself. So I want to make it … Continue reading

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Its still being tough

I was hoping if I chilled as much as I could, then it might lift my mood, but it hasn’t worked. Also Monkey is off this week due to half term, so its going to be difficult to keep to … Continue reading

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I will admit

I am struggling at the moment. But I can’t pinpoint the problem, I feel low, but not so low as to call it depression, I am anxious, but not so anxious. It feels like I am on a cliff edge … Continue reading

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*Reblog* Nope

Originally posted on Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess:
I am going to find her and correct her on her methods Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess View original post

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