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The rich will continue to get away with it

In britain we obviously have the partygate scandal for those who don’t know, people in our government threw at least 16 parties while the rest of the country was in lockdown. People were fined for having a coffee on a … Continue reading

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*Sings* We don’t talk about Boris, oh no no

I have, of course, been following the news about Boris and his parties and to be honest, I got to the point, of jesus fucking christ at about party 2, I have found it far more interesting to think about … Continue reading

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This was always going to be a problem

I couldn’t think what to write about, its not as much fun to take the mick out of the government, when it is so easy to do. Its almost like they have gone, maybe if we do things that are … Continue reading

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It can’t be a Christmas Party….

Just because, there was tinsel, a quiz, the boss came in to read some questions, booze. That is not a party. I want to hear the definition of Party according to the Tory party and before the start putting England … Continue reading

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You know you have pushed it too far

I am very into my politics, my partner not so much, but its important to me, so he tolerates watching the many interviews, listening to me go on about it and generally knows that for the next few weeks, this … Continue reading

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Children’s parties

If you have kids, you will know that their are unwritten rules in almost everything. The school gates, inviting children round for a playdate. Now I have come up against this new one, children’s parties.   Do you stay? Do … Continue reading

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