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oooohh this is odd

I have downloaded the app for wordpress. I don’t like apps on my phone, mainly because it means I might spend more time with my nose in my phone than with Monkey. However, I thought with my luck with technology … Continue reading

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Well this is exciting

I am sure you have been following my exciting journey of how many electrical products I am breaking at the moment. First the laptop and then my phone, neither of which were fixable, although not 100% on the phone. But … Continue reading

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Laptop update

Still haven’t heard anything about the data and it only occurred to me, that they might not be able to get through, because my phone broke. I think they have my home phone number, so I may have to give … Continue reading

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Ahhhh fuck it

You can read what happened to me yesterday here , after I had gotten dried and everything, I remembered my phone and took it out of a very wet handbag, it was off. Nothing unusual about that, apart from the fact … Continue reading

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Damn it

I managed to get a cheap phone, my luck with phones is not great. However I was really excited to actually get a new one. My sister, bless her, had sent me her last few old ones, they had cracked … Continue reading

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I am ringing cause you have been in an accident

To try and improve my life, I am trying to answer the phone on more than a Friday. The bad thing about this, is if I answer the homephone, unless my partner is just finishing work, then it will be … Continue reading

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Not a minutes peace

I am not sure if I have mentioned it, but monkey is off school on holiday at the moment. We have had repeated questions, plus the builders in, plus the dog, the two cats, my poor suffering partner, means I … Continue reading

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Tee Hee

A few days ago I posted about the fact that cookies on my computer meant I was being advertised for all my son’s presents on facebook. One of my friends saw this and mentioned to me that she thought her … Continue reading

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Oh Bugger

Some idiot spilt coffee all over me and more importantly my phone. When I say some idiot I do mean me. At least thats what I think happened to my phone, I can’t figure out why its not turning on … Continue reading

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Paperwork day

Today is paperwork today. Its when I sort out all the letters, emails, forms everything. I hate it because it means I have to use the phone. While I always say mental illness effects people differently, one of the things … Continue reading

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