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Another Friday another discussion with the DWP

As I usually do, I rang the DWP (department of work and pensions) to see if anything is happening with my PIP. I got a lovely lady, who I am fairly sure I have spoken to before, who informed me … Continue reading

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Well I was joking

In my earlier post I shared some good fortune I had today and said lets hope good things come in 3s and I hear about PIP.   Well I have done, sort of, my MP has written to the courts … Continue reading

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I really miss

Seeing the postman. With everything now settled, I am still trying to get PIP sorted, now I have told them my change of address,but it still makes me nervous that I am not receiving any post at all. I have … Continue reading

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Along with the moves, I have also had to keep an eye on what is happening with my PIP (disability allowance.) The simple answer is sweet fuck all   I was promised it would be less than 6 weeks, that … Continue reading

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The mental health update

I have talked about the move and how it all went and touched upon my mental health once or twice. I was once told by a friend, that one of things she admired about me was my ability to remain … Continue reading

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I think, just think I am back properly

I finally have broadband, well I am posting on my partners computer, which is amazingly fast compared to my little laptop. I feel I should start at the beginning, which was the move on Friday 31st August. For those who … Continue reading

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I am laying money on this one

I am still awaiting a date for my tribunal. I am dreading today (Wednesday) Because I know its just my luck that I am going to get a phonecall, saying tribunal is for Friday. If that happens, I am going … Continue reading

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