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Well fuck me

I got a notification of a payment I wasn’t expecting this morning, so excuse me if I just rant into the universe. Yes a payment is good not when its from a benefit, an unusual payment normally means, its stopping … Continue reading

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Lets get real, a serious post

For those that are unaware, we are classed as low earners, especially recently when my PIP stopped, so money is tight for us, but we can afford the odd treat, so its not as bad as it has been. But … Continue reading

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Should I mention Brexit?

I suppose I should really, its a big deal for the UK and the EU, but the thing is, despite all the claims for our PM and his party, nothing actually changes till December, we are still under their laws, … Continue reading

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*Press it* Let’s Redefine The Word Poor #117

I love this, I have been in a place where I cant afford to eat and I have been in a place where I might not be able to buy lego but we have everything to live via Let’s Redefine … Continue reading

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Its not something I want to talk about but…….

This government are screwing up this country quicker than I thought possible and I am not talking just about Brexit. I have been watching the news over the last few days with my mouth wide open. Jeeze, this is turning … Continue reading

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A serious one

I have touched on this before, but it is effecting us now more than ever and I know a lot of people are effected by it, but its one of those things you just don’t talk about. Its money, when … Continue reading

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I was thinking

I have been very ill recently and then when I started getting over it, my partner came down with whatever I had but his symptoms were more flu like. But when I am ill I think. I started thinking about … Continue reading

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