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*Press it* Visiting the 1950s #35

Despite being born 30 odd years later, this is still one of my fav music periods, its just a shame of everything else that was going on around it via Visiting the 1950s

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*Press it* Black History Fun Fact Friday – Eugenics and The Caged Man

A very interesting but sad post, one that goes to show how slavery was far extended from cotton fields. via Black History Fun Fact Friday – Eugenics and The Caged Man

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When does it stop?

Before I start, my friend C once said I was most unusual because rather than bullshit, I asked her what she meant. So for example she might use a word I didn’t know in a middle of a debate ( … Continue reading

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It makes me laugh

I sometimes manage to find my way onto racist sites or posts on facebook. The type of ones that say they should go back to where they belong (seriously they were born in south east London) we are a Christian … Continue reading

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I often wonder why media channels never show shows that shows (I know I used that word too many times) people from deprived areas doing well, Rather we see benefit street, getting married on benefits I could go on. Mainly … Continue reading

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Has it got worse?

I try and avoid bad stuff, I don’t like hearing that people have died for no reason, but I find that often it can’t be avoided and I am now starting to think that hate is getting worse. Particuarlly racism, … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Neighbor Who Filed a Complaint against my Black Lives Matter Sign

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:
Dear Neighbor, I don’t know who you are, but you surely know me. We’re a pretty conspicuous family: two dads—one white and one Asian—and two young kids—one black and one Latino—who live right up the…

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It is a fickle mistress

I have been fortunate in the internet, I have not been subjected to bullying, I tend not to get offended by, well, anything much.   I do tend to find that bullying and offended are two of the most misused … Continue reading

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Controversy? come and tell me what you think

I was having a look round facebook, as you do and I saw something about mental illness was trending the caption was “photo project aims to expose the truth about those who suffers from disorders.” Now I was excited about … Continue reading

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What Would You Do For Money?

The economy isn’t in the best shape and it seems almost impossible to make ends meet. So what are you willing to do for money? Over the past few years I have heard many Americans complain that the immigrants are…

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