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So your opinion on this?

Monkey is called Monkey cause from the time he was 6 months old he was climbing out the cot, he was originally called bonsai, as in the tree, because one of my nicknames is tree. Dont ask But Bonsai is … Continue reading

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*Press it* Bleeding Hearts #71

I don’t believe we should ever forget that the slave trade exsisted and this post is important in this, especially in the times we now live in via Bleeding Hearts

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*Press it* Change Can Happen with WordPress #28

This is a heavy post, but I wont apologise for this, this is something very important that we all can do something small to change and its important for peace on this planet that we do via Change Can Happen … Continue reading

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When does it stop?

Before I start, my friend C once said I was most unusual because rather than bullshit, I asked her what she meant. So for example she might use a word I didn’t know in a middle of a debate ( … Continue reading

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I often wonder why media channels never show shows that shows (I know I used that word too many times) people from deprived areas doing well, Rather we see benefit street, getting married on benefits I could go on. Mainly … Continue reading

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Has it got worse?

I try and avoid bad stuff, I don’t like hearing that people have died for no reason, but I find that often it can’t be avoided and I am now starting to think that hate is getting worse. Particuarlly racism, … Continue reading

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It is a fickle mistress

I have been fortunate in the internet, I have not been subjected to bullying, I tend not to get offended by, well, anything much.   I do tend to find that bullying and offended are two of the most misused … Continue reading

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