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Go out he says

On Sunday, we realised we were running low on electric, I am not sure if other countries have these, but we have pay metres for both gas and electric. Basically you go into the shop with your key or card … Continue reading

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Needs must

I mentioned in an earlier post that one of things I was worried about, when moving,  was missing the last of the Biggest Loser Australia. Yeah, I might be losing my house, my pets, have nowhere to live and my … Continue reading

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Oh Bugger

So I turned up to this appt at 1.30pm after having got myself worked up about it. It was fucking cancelled, due to the health person being off sick. They rang and left me a message, but I have lost … Continue reading

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*Blog Share* My inner mish mash #26

Now what should I say about this blogger. Her post could literally be about anything, names, languages, music, you name it, she blogs about it, my fav is about her cat. Please go and say hello https://myinnermishmash.wordpress.com/about-me/

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You only have the one

I took monkey to one of his after schools clubs and bumped into another mum as we (she) was chatting I remembered I hadn’t signed some form or another. She laughed at me, because this is a fairly frequent thing, … Continue reading

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The Dentist

I hate going to the dentist, however I know it is a necessary evil, I rocked up today to get my tooth to be seen to. (You can read that story here)   She did the ooohhh and arrrr, then … Continue reading

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Lets go

When I was younger, I use to do surveys, to be honest it did feel like a lot of effort for little reward, but I didn’t touch what I earnt, and it really helped us out, when we were down … Continue reading

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Today I adulted

Today is paperwork day, I have a lot, having put it off for the 6 weeks of the summer holiday.   I called people, did budgets and generally kicked arse on it. I am fucking exhausted now

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I have lost my phone, I need suggestions as to where I might have put it.   I say I might have put it, keep in mind I have a 4 year old child, a dog and 2 arsehole cats.

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Keeping busy

With my son now being at school 6 hours a day, it leaves me with time on my hands. I decided to do a massive big clean. The chances are we might be given notice on our home (we rent) … Continue reading

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