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Well that was painless sort of

The landlord came and went. It was that quick, it would of been quicker, but both the cats decided they needed to smell her and then refused to move out of the poor woman’s face. My anxiety was sky high … Continue reading

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Its a joke it really is

It might have escaped your notice, but I am moving, in this, I am doing so many things and hitting so many brick walls. In the UK renting is something that has only really recently happened, I know its a … Continue reading

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Follow on

After my blog post yesterday about the differences in the north and south of England (you can read it here) it sparked an interesting conversation amongst my friends.   The basic of it is, well what is the wage difference … Continue reading

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Just stupid

I have mentioned my problems with my council and housing benefits a few times, recently, here, here and here I rang them last friday and spoke to a lovely man, who let slip that they source the decision out to someone … Continue reading

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