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Wish me luck

This is going to be the first day myself and Monkey will have gone out properly in 3 days, we have had the odd trip to the park, but that is just down the road, today we are off to … Continue reading

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Oh Jesus

It has been announced that on the 19th July, covid restictions will lift in England. Our leader has said it will be up to the public to manage the risk, wear facemasks where appropriate, social distance all up to us. … Continue reading

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COVID has a curfew

I was hoping that Boris Johnson might have said something about new restrictions by now, given that we had a lovely speech from scientists. So far what we have in England, is that you can’t meet up in groups more … Continue reading

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I am struggling for something to write

I don’t think I ever thought how much lockdown would affect me, especially in terms of finding something to write that wasn’t about lego. At least with the school run, I had my anxiety to talk about. Now, I don’t … Continue reading

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