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Think its gone ok

Monkey went back to school on Wednesday, I have been using this time to try and get into a different routine, to maximum my time. I am capable of doing a few things at once, but sometimes, something needs my … Continue reading

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So excited

Why is Trina excited I hear you ask Boris Johnson has resigned? The House of Parliament blew up taking the government with it? She has just been made Queen of the world? Someone bought her a mansion with an indoor … Continue reading

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Then Relax

I said tha yesterday I had a hospital appointment, well it got cancelled, not sure why, but they have rearranged it at the end of the month, basically I managed to wind myself up for no reason. It also means … Continue reading

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What happens when you have nothing to be anxious over?

Over the last 4 or 5 weeks, I have been getting really anxious over the weekend, normally ending with a big pit of worry on the Sunday and I have no idea why. This weekend, however, I was better, I … Continue reading

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Bugger off Writers Block

Everytime I have had some time to write a post, I sit down and stare at the blank screen for half an hour or so and then sigh and walk away, wondering what I can write about Everything is on … Continue reading

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Holy Crap, its Friday

I woke up this morning at 8.10am this would not be a problem, if its a Saturday, which is what I thought it was and I was about to try and go back to sleep, when I had a sudden … Continue reading

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Is this a new thing?

I got an email from Monkey’s school this afternoon, its called a medical tracker and its to inform me that Monkey has fallen over and needed a plaster, they have detailed everything they have done. When did this start happening? … Continue reading

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Lets all cross our fingers and everything else

Monkey’s second full week at school, we are both loving him going into school, I picked him up today and he is coughing. Its a continuous cough and I can’t tell if it is from a bug type thing or … Continue reading

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You get the good news and then??

Lets start with my good news, Monkey has gotten into all three of his afterschool sports he wanted, this is great it means I can pick him up an hour later, avoid most of the other parents, win win. But … Continue reading

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Well what are you going to do?

After 6 weeks of the summer holiday, 18 months roughly of either homeschooling or my partner being unemployed, I got the flat to myself for the first time, properly, I know when everyone might be back for close to 6 … Continue reading

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