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So the school situation

It looks like Monkey is not going to go back to school till at least September, this is the best situation at the moment. I can’t imagine, the government trying to force all the English year groups back before they … Continue reading

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Monday day… What day of isolation is it?

Its all starting to become a new normal, the Easter holidays are over and nothing really has changed, well apart from we are back to a routine, which is better for me, but my partner is doing the homeschooling. I … Continue reading

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That is a whirlwind

It was an unusual week last week, I don’t think I wrote properly at all. On Monday, I took Monkey to see the new school I want him to go to, its a 15 minute walk rather than the 40 … Continue reading

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How I know I am not quite there yet

Yesterday Monkey had his disco, this involved picking him, getting home, hanging round for an hour, going back to the school and then myself and my partner going to a pub. Why? Because the length of the disco means, that … Continue reading

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Chat with Monkey went well

I had another chat with Monkey about moving schools, I explained that while I understood he was nervous about moving that this school was probably going to be better for him. His first question to me, was mummy what would … Continue reading

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Need to make a parenting decision now

Went to see the new school, its big, but it seems to have a lot of things going for it. Its as good as his school at the moment, so really it is a call between, whether this is better … Continue reading

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Some days I don’t like this parenting lark

Another school day and another day we are late for school. It has been for various reasons, today was due to my anxiety. The plus side is I managed to get Monkey into school. I have been really struggling to … Continue reading

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