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On a Break

On Saturday Monkey wasn’t feeling to well, by Sunday he had a fever, sore throat and wasn’t hungry. When I say Monkey wasn’t well, I mean he didn’t talk about pokemon, minecraft, lego infact barely anything. He also refused all … Continue reading

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So much uncertainty

Our health minister has said there will be no further restritctions for England till the new year, yippee for us, apart from people now dont know what they are doing, the government have put it all back onto the public. … Continue reading

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I think I have picked up all the virus, well all but the one

Monkey is into his 3rd week of school, what we have concluded is that I have the immune system of a doily, I knew there was always going to be a chance of his bringing bugs home, but christ, I … Continue reading

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We are seeing the light at the end

I am really getting sick of seeing this, I get the meaning behind it, but when ever anyone says they are struggling, thats the message they get back. My problem is, we still have over a week to go till … Continue reading

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I wonder if this is happening up and down the country

I got an email from Monkey’s school today, his teacher has quit and will not be returning after half term. I am not sure how planned this is, but I am gutted, she is a really great teacher but I … Continue reading

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Anxiety Peaked

Today is an inset day for Moneky and then from tomorrow, he is back at school (at the time of writing this) While I know, Covid is spreading at a rapid rate, that is not the cause of my anxiety, … Continue reading

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I just got so annoyed I tweeted about it

I don’t really use twitter for personal stuff. Mainly because my account is wide open and because people just want an argument on there. However, having watched the briefing this afternoon from our illustrious leader. Which left me with my … Continue reading

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I have never been a fan of the bit between Christmas and Boxing day, but this year because we can’t do anything it is much worse. We are counting down the days till New Year and then for us as … Continue reading

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Will they won’t they

As we come out of Christmas and head into New Year, I think its time to take a moment to look at the UK government. What we have had so far is Go mad, Covid is not going to get … Continue reading

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oooohh don’t you bloody dare

Rumours are fierce at the moment, that schools might not be going back till October. I don’t think myself and Monkey can cope for another 6 weeks of homeschooling. Not only that, but that is going to screw alot of … Continue reading

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