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Good afternoon all

I am so behind and have been so stressed, that I haven’t had time to post, I can imagine this is going to continue till I move. I am still reading and still going, hopefully by Friday I should be … Continue reading

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Bloody people

Why does no one want any of my old shit. I have cleaned it and it all looks pretty. I don’t really want to sell it on facebook as it will mean for at least some of it, that I … Continue reading

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Something to numb me

I knew today was going to be tough, I started off with selling the baby clothes I was finding, considering I had a boy, I had a ton of pink stuff, so I started with those first.   Its going … Continue reading

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Here we go again

My son’s birthday is in a couple of weeks time. We have a thing, were one toy in, one toy out. Except as I have recently found out when it comes to lego. In which case lego comes in and … Continue reading

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As I go through my house cleaning, I am coming across things which invoke memories, one of those things is my wedding dress. For those that are not aware, I got married at 21 and divorced at 24, the relationship … Continue reading

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