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Not as strange as you would think

I saw my mum again on Sunday, she took us all out for lunch, at a lovely restaurant, its our first time having been to one since at least March, I am not sure what I was expecting, but apart … Continue reading

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I am a wee bit chuffed

On Saturday, I went out, yep you read that correctly, I went out, both myself and monkey went into town, we had to get electricity and there was a farmers market. Now Monkey really likes the farmer market because one … Continue reading

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But I dont wanna

As I right this, its nearly 9am. Monkey has just finished his breakfast and we are gearing up to start his schooling. Now, I know what you are expecting and no this isn’t about homeschooling, this is about shopping, its … Continue reading

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Thursday Morning

Its been a bit of a better day today, I woke up at 8am, which was roughly about 6 hours sleep. Then I played with Monkey for a little while, till it seemed like an appropriate time to put on … Continue reading

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I am done

I have finally caught up on all my emails, my partner finished off the Christmas shopping this weekend, we now just need to do the last few bits of the Christmas food shop and then on Christmas eve pick up … Continue reading

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Christmas shopping started and….

finished   I don’t fuck around when it comes to Christmas shopping, there is only 3 more people to buy for and my partner is doing those on Sunday, well I know he is doing 2 of them and the … Continue reading

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So my poor partner hasn’t had a lie in, in god knows when, his shifts over the half term were not friendly to him, so even though there was no school pick up he was still having to be up … Continue reading

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I am so confused

Its rare I get confused but Amazon have done it. Yesterday (Wednesday) I put in an order for shopping, we need food, the payment got declined. This was my mistake, online shopping in the UK they dont take the money … Continue reading

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Productive morning

Well the first part of it wasn’t. I woke up this morning to a very quiet flat and my first thought was shit, I am late picking monkey up from school. My reasoning, I didn’t get to sleep till very … Continue reading

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frigging bastard thingy

Because my partner and I are sensible people, when we moved the first time, we made sure to use up everything we could, then when we moved the second time, we did the same thing, this means we have had … Continue reading

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