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Well this was interesting

The housing association officer came over today, I different one from my actual housing officer. This one was a support one, I must admit I like her. I, do however find, that they are either use to dealing with people … Continue reading

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Where am I?

A quick recap for you, in September, we moved into, what is called, temporary accomadation, this is basically, where you stay until a council house (subsidies housing) becomes available. The average wait is normally 6 months roughly, we moved from … Continue reading

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Its been tough

I have been dipping in and out of my blog recently. I am still not coping well with the change, and to be honest, I can’t see much point of doing anything about it at the moment, with a move … Continue reading

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ye talk shite hen

Between myself and my family, everytime the council have stuck up a barrier we have overcome it. Today that last barrier has been overcome, I ring them up because there was a house I had seen, that allows pets, is … Continue reading

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Meeting 3 social housing medical

This one I knew was going to exhaust me, as I had to go to the council offices to deal with it. My partner was unable to come with me, so it was just me and monkey, which is ok, … Continue reading

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Another day, another fuck up

I was due a benefit payment today and guess what, it didn’t appear, so we ring up to find out what is going on, to be told that apparently when a payment is due, it can go in at any … Continue reading

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Its a joke it really is

It might have escaped your notice, but I am moving, in this, I am doing so many things and hitting so many brick walls. In the UK renting is something that has only really recently happened, I know its a … Continue reading

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