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That went well…. I think

Had both family support and social services round yesterday. I think it went well, I got told this was the last time I am seeing social services, so that is a good thing.   They are going to refer me … Continue reading

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The text

If I have never mentioned it, I have a mobile phone, but I rarely use it, to be honest I forget to charge it, I use to be attached to my phone, but the relationship has cooled as I got … Continue reading

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I hope they are experienced

I was informed the other day that the family support worker might need to chat to Matt. I hope the person doing it enjoys lego. Although I do wonder what he will say, the other day I “wrecked his life” … Continue reading

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Now these are new people

Yesterday I had someone from family support round, I have no idea what they actually do but she was lovely. She went through a few things that she could help with, including maybe sourcing a washing machine for us from … Continue reading

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