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its arrived

In our flat we have a balcony, it is going to be great to sit there in the summer, but we do have a few problems with it It feels like everyone can see in Monkey, he is called monkey … Continue reading

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How many decorations do I have?

Specifically lights. I didn’t realise how many I have, keep in mind my tree is a 4ft tree with its own lights. Yet somehow I have 3, yes 3 massive sets of lights. But I think I am nearly done … Continue reading

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I feel like I should worry but….

Monkey has a baby born doll, which tbf he often plays with, he likes looking after baby as he wants to be a big brother. So far so good, this might be the closest he comes to being a big … Continue reading

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On the way home

Monkey had a giant strop, these are happening fairly frequently at the moment and normally over nothing. It was bloody freezing and I just wanted to get home, but the one thing I have learnt with parenting is being consistent … Continue reading

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I feel like I am nearly there

Monkey decided that on Sunday he wanted to watch youtube videos, are original plan was to find a different park, but the weather made that a tad difficult. I popped him on my laptop, while I sat at my partner’s … Continue reading

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Nearly there….

I love monkey, I really do but he has been driving me crazy over the last few days. I get that he doesn’t understand the stressful nature of our situation, but he is so loud, I have tried getting him … Continue reading

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This was nice

Monkey and me did lots of things together today, the weather started out dry so we wondered to the park, by 11.30 it got too hot, I am not one of those overly protective parents, but also I have put … Continue reading

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