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I am not looking forward to this

Monkey has his sports day today, two and a half hours of trying to make small talk with other parents. I am hoping, they will just all ignore me and I can sit and watch him, with the occasional pretending … Continue reading

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And I keep on going

I want to write about something positive. Mainly cause I am feeling like utter crap, I hate waking up like this. I sat down and thought what can I write about, what is good and nothing sprung to my mind. … Continue reading

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Excitement of the day

This afternoon, monkey was playing in the garden, running round like a loon, when a helicopter flew over very very low. This is not really that rare, but it normally happens when monkey is at school, so for him it … Continue reading

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Growing up

Monkey is growing up, I know this because of what he watches has changed, we were on cbeebies when he was young, which I hated, then we went on to cartonitoo, which I hated, but I by that point I … Continue reading

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And down we go

On Friday I heard from the land lady, she is giving us notice to quit. I will say this was not a pleasant conversation, in anyway shape or form. But this did trigger me and caused a large amount of … Continue reading

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Questions, questions and more questions

I think children should be curious and they should be encouraged to ask questions. Unless the happen to be monkey and ask me impossible questions, or questions that I don’t know anymore than the basics and he wants more details. … Continue reading

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One of those moods

I cant decide whether to go to bed and lie there till I fall asleep, or stay up till I feel tired. I am exhausted, just not tired. Monkey has been on one all evening. He and his friend, managed … Continue reading

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