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I know at least one other blogger has had this happen to them, but for the second day I checked my spam folder to find way over 70 comments, a couple were trying to sell me Russian women, one was … Continue reading

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Does anyone know what it is with the spam comments that seem to be part of a story. They never come in order, come on, when you are trying to spam me, at least don’t give me part of the … Continue reading

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Myself and WordPress have a love hate relationship, WordPress loves sending me into the spam folder which I hate. However I have just checked my spam folder, after not being really around for the last few days, alot of comments … Continue reading

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How very dare you WordPress

It has been brought to my attention that wordpress has been very rude and decided that everything I say is Spam. Please feel free to check your spam folder, I may have made a fantastic and brilliant comment on your … Continue reading

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