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Long Weekend

Turns out Monkey had a long weekend, I thought he was due back on Monday, turns out he is due back today, not a major issue for us and my partner had a day off, so we had spent the … Continue reading

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Maybe this is how I should keep doing weekends

Another weekend where we really didnt do anything and I am not sure whether this is how I should keep our weekends, I do feel like a lazy arse and like I should be doing things with Monkey, but with … Continue reading

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I think the heat finally got to me

Did I feel sick over the weekend and really dizzy, we are 99% certain it was due to the heat, but yucky, however with plenty of water and a bit of rest, plus the weather cooling down, I felt much … Continue reading

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Writers Block: All Halt

I am struggling with what to write at the moment, nop I got nothing. I thought it might be due to the summer holidays and having monkey around, but he hasn’t been around that much. I shall back away for … Continue reading

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Today could be the day

I am meant to have my PIP appointment today over the phone, this is awkward for one main reason, its the summer holiday’s and I have Monkey here, but it cant be helped. Plus side I dont have to drag … Continue reading

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I need more hours in my day

I knew it was going to be tough with the Olympics happening. But I keep running out of hours, what I have done in the past is been able to clean (for example) during down times in the Olympics, but … Continue reading

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I am on the brink

Of going manic. myself and my partner had to have the conversation as to whether he takes my bank card into work today. I think I am going to be ok, but its worth the conversation, last thing we need … Continue reading

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2 weeks, just 2 weeks

As far as I am aware (and this might change depending on the government) Monkey is still going to school in 2 weeks time, this means I can no longer put off buying him a school jumper. I was hoping, … Continue reading

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The 2nd to last big pile

I still have the bits and bobs section but this was the last of the massive bricks pile Sorted into blocks Then into colours Its the start of the summer holidays now and I have strong hopes to have it … Continue reading

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I am struggling for something to write

I don’t think I ever thought how much lockdown would affect me, especially in terms of finding something to write that wasn’t about lego. At least with the school run, I had my anxiety to talk about. Now, I don’t … Continue reading

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