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I am really going to regret getting this

We signed up for Disney Plus at the weekend. Monkey has a thing for Star Wars at the moment, and they have all 9 films.   He has managed to get through the first 6 over the weekend. The problem … Continue reading

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Things I am watching

A bit of a different post than my usual, this is the stuff I am watching on telly at the moment Doctor Who – If you don’t watch this, then there is something wrong with you. Jodie is an amazing … Continue reading

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A bit of bad luck recently

Last week, my partners computer broke, this isn’t the end of the world as such, as I am sure we can get it fixed, it just trying to fit in a time, when he can carry the computer down to … Continue reading

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*Blog Share* Firewater Site #82

Not sure what to watch or read? Then this is the site for you, he reviews tv series and sometimes books. Don’t look if you haven’t seen the final of game of the thrones https://firewatersite.wordpress.com/

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I will not lose this fight!!!

I don’t know whether anyone else has heard or even watches Whose line is it anyway?, it was made in the 80s in the UK and has since moved over the US, where it has been restarted again. I use … Continue reading

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What the fuck did I just watch?

Do you ever watch something and think that ^^^^^^   That was me this evening, watching The Apprentice for comic relief   If you can get it, watch it, but be prepared to watch it between your fingers.

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I can’t take it anymore

If I have to watch any more power rangers, monkey is obssessed with it, I get told all about it while I am being forced to watch it. I am trying to train Monkey into watching other things, its a … Continue reading

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Needs must

I mentioned in an earlier post that one of things I was worried about, when moving,  was missing the last of the Biggest Loser Australia. Yeah, I might be losing my house, my pets, have nowhere to live and my … Continue reading

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Growing up

Monkey is growing up, I know this because of what he watches has changed, we were on cbeebies when he was young, which I hated, then we went on to cartonitoo, which I hated, but I by that point I … Continue reading

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WHoooo hooo Eurovision is coming

What is Eurovision? Its a music show, where the countries of Europe and weirdly Australia all sing to win the votes of the other countries. Its the most amazing thing you will ever see. Unless you happen to be my … Continue reading

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