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*Press This* Don’t fix it if it’s not broken! #148

I have to say, I do agree with Cyranny that the block editor is not great, for me its the Press This button, which the weekend share relies on, is not working

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Anxious about nothing

I have a feeling I am behind and its making me anxious, except I am not. I am so up to date, its scary, I should be feeling in control but I don’t. I feel like its all slipping out … Continue reading

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Lets get this updated

For a while I have been meaning to update my about page, to include the people who are in my life and who I mention, plus give a few more people nicknames, so I thought now would be a good … Continue reading

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Special Announcement

I am interrupting the weekend share with a special announcement. Some of you may note that I am not using the Press it button. This was due that is has disappeared, however I have just figured that if I refresh … Continue reading

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Update on Links

I usually try and post links every day to different blogs, however since my laptop stopped working, I have lost all the data, the laptop can be fixed, we are just waiting on some money to do it. Hopefully they … Continue reading

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If you are new here or if you have forgotten

Welcome, its been a few years since I started blogging. My about page doesn’t really cover the things that have gone afterwards. I am Trina, I have been diagnoised with many things, but at the moment, I believe it to … Continue reading

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In case you were wondering from the last post, we went, we spun round and round and round and now apparently I am doing the gardening cause he wants to play in the garden. So much for my PJ day … Continue reading

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