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*Post Share* What Fresh Hell is this #158

This is uncomfortable reading, but a very honest and refreshing view from what it looks like. https://delicateandbrutal.wordpress.com/2020/09/20/what-fresh-hell-is-this/ Thanks to mindbeautysimplicity

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*Reblog* We are not on the same boat

Originally posted on Forty Something Life As We Know It:
As a Forty Plusser, I am really scared and confused about the future. I, like the rest of the world have no clue what the end result will be… Covid-19……

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This is so weird

I watched a TV programme on bounty hunters this evening. The UK doesn’t have these and my knowledge is limited to Dog the Bounty Hunter.   So learning a little bit more about the American justice system was useful and … Continue reading

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Some good news, well I think

The government have decided to review all the PIP (disability benefits) claims. This is good news, because they decided that those with any health problems, didn’t need as much money, they didn’t take into account a lot of things for … Continue reading

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Benefits its not a fun life

I find that people tend to judge when you say you are not working, the immediate assumption you are taking the piss on benefits. I find a lot of it is based on channel 5 and their lovely benefit series, … Continue reading

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