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Its a weird one

This weekend has been weird. First off, my washing machine arrived, which was very exciting, I have no idea how to work it, but its washing the clothes. It just seems to take much longer than I am use to, … Continue reading

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I know I keep mentioning it but…..

Tomorrow is the first day, when I may get my backpayment. I still haven’t received any letters from anyone, so I am in the dark, whether I am getting £2 or £200 or more. I am trying not to get … Continue reading

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Lets talk Washing Machines

I know its a boring subject, however I need one, normally I get a second hand one, which is going cheap or free. I need to start doing research on it and I am going to get a new one, … Continue reading

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How I met my downstairs neighbours

Someone knocks on my front door Random person: Hi, I am your downstairs neighbour Me: Hi Downstairs Neighbour: Is everything alright, its just there is a leak coming through the ceiling Me: No everything is fine *Opens kitchen door* Me: … Continue reading

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Productive Morning

This morning, I was up at 5am, considering I didn’t fall asleep till 1am, this is a miracle. I pottered around for a little bit, did some stuff on the computer, waited till 7am, when I woke up Monkey, who … Continue reading

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It comes in 3’s

So first my laptop broke and now my washing machine has given up the ghost, at least I assume that is what the burning smell is telling me. Its not worth fixing, and like most things in my life for … Continue reading

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My sister managed to find a second hand washing machine for me, and she brought it for me, I have a working washing machine but sssshhh lets not jinx it

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