*Reblog* First interview of 2016 with OpinionatedMan

My good friend Jen is doing interviews with bloggers her first interview is with Jason over at aopinionatedman.

Go check her out and if you want to be interviewed by her just ask 🙂

Motivation for today's REALITY

This is my first interview of the year and it is with OpinionatedMan aka Jason.

Jason was kind enough to do an interview with me through email. So here we go.

1.Think of your top 3 Southern norms and tell me your thoughts on whether they are true, false, or just get over it.

Southern norms definitely exist and I found out firsthand that some parts of the country don’t understand southerners. I visited Seattle, Washington once and met some people there for a trip. During that trip I asked some individuals where the “weight room” was.” They couldn’t understand me. They thought I was saying “white room” for some reason. Must be a southern thing! I also love southern food and comfort so I guess I fit the stereotype!

2. I got the idea of doing weekly blog reviews from you and would like to know what made you…

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