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*Reblog* Birthday Bash-Meet & Greet! 2/26-3/4

Originally posted on A Kinder Way:
Guess who is turning 45 on Friday?  THIS GIRL! I’m an embrace every age kinda gal so I’m throwing a week-long Meet & Greet Birthday Bash here at A Kinder Way! So come celebrate…

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No idea what is going on

Pffft Biff thought this would be the end of it, but I know differently.   I win, I tell you I win.   Seriously I have no idea what is going, but its sort of explained here 

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There is still time……

Its my birthday on Friday, my partner asked me what I wanted, Nothing I replied, well a mansion with an indoor swimming pool and a helicopter pad on top. Winning lottery ticket? Carpet cleaner? So if any of you want … Continue reading

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Rare Links Part 2

These Guys all blog about very niche things, I am sure you will learn something new from each of them. Please go over and say hello FEEDBACK Film and Writing Festival Deadlines 1st CHAPTER and FULL NOVEL FESTIVAL. Deadline February 28th … Continue reading

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A little bit of a change

To remind you, I have been doing surveys to get a few extra pennies in, then I realised I could do reviews, now I am not fantastic at these, but I did promise, I shall make sure I say they … Continue reading

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I have no idea what to write at the moment

I am really struggling with what to write at the moment, my depression has lifted and my anxiety seems under control, but I am just so damn tired. Also I have had snow, which to be honest, is probably the … Continue reading

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Sleep update

I have basically given up on my sleep, its just not happening. At least that is what I thought, till last night, when I fell asleep sitting up at about 11.30pm, I was on the sofa and I made the … Continue reading

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