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Some news I suppose

My life is still very boring and to be honest is just the way I like it, boring means no stress. Although it has been interesting. We have caught up on all out debts and bills and it feels good, … Continue reading

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No News

I haven’t written in a few days and this is for the simple reason that I have no news, my mental health is good, benefits seem to be sorted. I am keeping my eye on the government to see what … Continue reading

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Damn you OCD to hades and back again

As I have mentioned I have OCD, mine is in the form of routine, things have to be done on the right day, at the right time in the right way. My poor OH gets told off for not doing … Continue reading

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curve balls

I remember on my son’s first birthday I wrote a post about him and how proud I was of him already, and how I couldn’t wait to see what sort of a man he turns into, but also how I … Continue reading

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The back payment from my PIP claim came through today, I paid off all the urgent bills. My OH started his new job today, as much as I love him its nice to have him from under my feet But … Continue reading

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The Ian Duncan Smith Letter

A couple of days ago I said I had received a letter from IDS (Ian Duncan Smith) with regards to the wait I have had in PIP, So here are bits of it, it is three pages long, but the … Continue reading

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My OH: I am sue he use to wear a ring Me: Oh so he was marred ‘holding up left hand” OH: Nop Other hand Basically we don’t give a shit but I am sure he has never worn a … Continue reading

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So far an excellent day

As it hit 9am this morning. I was on the phone to Department of work and pensions, finding out about my PIP. I have been awarded it and they are backdating the money to April. I am sure the lady … Continue reading

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So its official I am no longer anti social

I had an app with my shrink today, he went into a lot more detail that usual, I think because he is getting frustrated that the meds are no longer working.  And he has diagnosed me as agoraphobic, while I … Continue reading

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The wonder of children

I spent most of yesterday evening asleep on the sofa, most of the night waking up being either too hot or too cold. Then at about 4 am I started throwing up. It was not pleasant, as you can imagine, … Continue reading

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